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LANZANDON aka Lanzandonkey just cannot keep it zipped. Almost two years the game has been down, still complaining about being banned and trying to shame me when he's the shame.  The comments on these videos are just hilarious...not to mention all the videos I found of him arguing with just about every other great player of NFSW ever since he started playing...

Will there be a new NFS in 2017???  Will it be like Need For Speed 2015 or more like NFSW???

Ugh, I wonder if they'll ever get it!  NFSW was top of the line awesome...Bring it back, with similar features and open world!!!

Here's what I've seen lately 2016/10/18

I had started occasionally playing Project Cars via Steam, but have lost interest.  Need For Speed World was the King NFS game for me so far.  All the same, here's a little teaser :

Put some time into I did with NFSW...

Find me on Steam under account name DANGERRRUSS Profile name Russtyruss (aslo in game)


The end of NFSW has been announced for July 14th 2015

Don't know where to go after NFSW has closed?

Backup your Drivers, this may be useful someday :

It has been a lot of fun.  Until the end...TFA All The Way!   Cheers!


A few links for the end :

a bit of history :


One does not carve a career as a winner nor maintain a friendship by cheating, lying and betraying, as nothing is L-Earned when everything is done for you.  When the time comes to compete, failing is the only result...and this continues for as long as one cheats.  Cheaters can never be winners until they accept to righteously lose to those who made every effort to become a true winner.

PS : many players have created Drivers using my name both in NFSW and Rivals, they are all fake. The only Drivers I use in NFSW are RUSSTYRUSS, RUSSTYRUSSTWO, DANGERRRUSS, DANGERRRUSSTY (others attached to those Accounts are for testing only), I don't play Rivals and though I created a Driver in The Crew, I haven't played it yet.


Edit 2014/12/20 :

Bannable exploits, bugs and abuses in NFSW (since 11.02.2014);jsessionid=246CBA8D66AA7C721A2F13139FE923DE

Driving the wrong way around a circuit

EA have re-initiated one of the ex-Dev teams and since have successfully cleaned the game of its cheaters and continue to perform bans.  I'm very happy with this.

Previously, they had no anti-cheat and the game was infested with cheaters.  Since the implementation of SkyNet, the game is much better.

Without an anti-cheat system, they would have to change the way the timers in events work to make it impossible to cheat by using autofinish or speed cheat to end the event in an impossible time.  

(See my idea, vote and support it here :

PS : unless you are handicapped or on a dying bed, you should not need to cheat!

PSS :  The guy who posted a screen shot on the fake Facebook page of FIXNOW of me calling him a faggggot is a cheater trying to pass himself off as a legit player whom I would have insulted, which is a lie, because RGSIGMA117 cheated in a race against me and several other Drivers, autofinished and that's when I called him a faggggot, just like he is, a little weakling fagggot cheater...lolll

I quit my Admin/Moderator position on NFSTimes in late June 2014 because there was too much corruption in the Admin team (see the screenshots @ including these ) and have not been playing because of the situation with cheaters.  The fact that even though I handed FIXNOW a list (which I started with Jussi, to which he had access and was initially providing names to the anti-cheat team via FIXNOW and stopped because there was a one month vacation to China involved and when Fixnow got back he never banned another cheater since) of almost 3000 cheaters and obtained the ok from Dominik Herbst of to have FIXNOW added as an Admin so he could see the reports and pictures with Authorisation Rights to the site, he never pursued the project even though he said to set it up :

and cheaters go on playing free and nothing is being done about the cheating in the game!

List of Cheaters (no longer updating as it is pointless waste of time) :


EA is headed for another Golden Poo Award!  If they don't fix this game, their reputation will be crushed.

Here is what I suggested in the 3 years I played this game :

What needs to be done is eradicate cheating entirely. If that cannot be done, then they have to change the way the timers in events work to make it impossible to autofinish or end the event in an impossible time 

(see my idea, vote and support it here : ) for at the very least all Class restricted events or at least S and A class events. Other than that, they need 9to change certain other things, such as getting IGC when you sell Aftermarket parts , raise some of the road sections so they no longer touch the water level of the game map matrix causing impossible top speeds and false cheating accusations , fix issues with powerups not appearing in post-event lobbies also causing false cheating accusations , fix the Private Race events so that when people use the Class restricted Private invitations that when the host leaves the event the event ends and does not allow higher class vehicles to compete...many have cheated their way to 250 wins in Classes this way ... , put more things up for IGC , make a second column for parts and skill cards in both categories to allow players to use the same vehicle for different applications such as a different setup for Sprints vs Circuits or Circuits vs Team Escapes , make it possible to have only one powerup unit pool that allows all powerups to be used from those units , stop giving cheap cars in Car Prize Packs , and finally they could give better parts drops in Single Player events maybe not Ultra parts but at least up to Pro parts and good Aftermarket parts in all events even some exclusive ones occasionally.

You can find the list of Topics I created here :

Read what I have to say about the Bugatti Veyron in this Forum review, then watch the video below :

Revised - Bugatti Veyron 16.4 fastest car in NFSW...but not the best

Need For Speed 20th anniversary

Watch the Need For Speed movie trailer, out March 2014 :

EA NFSW Devs, please install Hack and Cheat shield

Please see this POLL as a solution to DNF and cheaters ruining the fun.

POLL: Delay DNF - Modify/eliminate the 30 seconds timer (let us finish races)

Vote for this idea in the

[Top 10 nominees] Community request list

Found in the

Community request list


Check this following link for details about what to do about cheaters :

Cheaters, what to do about them...until Official Anti-Cheat

Forum Friday Contest entry , Dream Track suggestion by RusstyRuss :

See in Photos & Screenshots section of this site here

Welcome to the home site of NFS TWin Flag Aces (NFS ; AKA Need For Speed).  We are a general Need For Speed Team, mainly found on the Chicane-US & EU  Servers of Need For Speed World, an online interactive racing game, merging elements of NFS Most Wanted original 2005 and NFS Carbon. Everyone can play by signing up at the following website and downloading the game :

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