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Need For Speed, need to know


Here you will find links to very helpfull sites, tips, forum posts, etc.  Enjoy!

Yes, you are reading correctly, NFSW will be shutting down for good on July 14th 2015 !!!

For any Racing fan, this can seem devastating, specially if you've invested a lot of money and/or time building cars, parts, etc. only to find that they will all be shot into space and oblivion for good.  However, there are other games out there. ;)  So, stay tuned for information here :


Auto Club Revolution

It's still at BETA stage and only selected people get notifications.  I signed RUSSTYRUSS and DANGERRRUSS!  

However, I geared up and bought the following...which does seem pretty amazing... :

Project Cars

Line up of cars...more will be added later : show some real life comparisons :   @ 54.99$ CDN


Becoming more and more difficult to identify cheaters :

So, the new & returned DEV Team seem to have implemented an anti-cheat system.  It would appear that a lot of innocent people get temp bans or other issues.

Whether this might happen to you or not, if you get pushed by a cheater, my best advice is to stay in the event, get past 50% of any sprint or finish the first of two laps of the second of three to get your igc, rep and card and don't finish it, doesn't matter if you win or lose (you'll likely lose if the cheater is good at what he/she/it does) and call him/her/it out in the post-event lobby, then take multiple screenshots of what your results are as well as the report window with what you say in the report. Be very careful before you report anyone to an outside source, even to a forum Moderator, make sure you right click on their Driver in the post-even lobby and open the Report Driver dialog box to see the actual Driver name of the cheater, they use a name changing cheat :


Fake FIXNOW Facebook page


If you do plan on spending real money on the game, see my recommendations in the link below.



Recommendations to new players and forumers by experienced ones

Other sources for help :

OA tuning guide (see comments I posted on the following page : )


Need For Speed Forums :

- [Official]Community request list

Bug Report Forum :

Feedback & Suggestions Forums :

NFS World General Discussion Forums :

When you want to post your OVERSIZED IMAGES here, do this! :


- Making unsupported USB controllers work (a working workaround)

How to Communicate within World

- Official Cheating in NFS World Discussion Thread

- Private race exploitation clarification

- PSTATS link/SpeedAPI + screenshot should be accepted as proof?

- POLL: Delay DNF - Modify/eliminate the 30 seconds timer (let us finish races)

- Usefull info -> Driver Statistics on PSTATS

- Blocked list crashes my game

- POLL : Fix game or lose $$$ paying customers

- P-Stats and Need For Speed World stats

- Obvious hackers continue to ruin the game

- So double shifting is illegal...

- Ready Powerup not appearing in post-event lobby display

- Impossible top Speed due to low areas on matrix

- Fix The Speed Bug

Lowercase lettering names  it is not allowed to have lowercase lettering names since July 2012

- Top Speed chart

Report Cheaters on , they will have their stats profile banned.


Powerups Quick Reference guide (as tested by me after noticing two errors on this wikia page which I corrected twice but someone keeps changing them back = ) :

Nitrous normal cooldown time = 30 seconds
Slingshot normal cooldown time = 90 seconds  (Team = same)
Juggernaut normal cooldown time = 30 seconds
Ready normal cooldown time = 90 seconds
Shield normal cooldown time = 90 seconds
Traffic Magnet normal cooldown time = 60 seconds
Emergency Evade normal cooldown time = 120 seconds  (Team = same)
Runflat normal cooldown time = 30 seconds

Speedbug & Slowbug :

In a nutshell :

F1 @ slowbug
Reventon @ speedbug

could very well put any of the best F1 Drivers down...with or without powerups. In the worse case, the F1 has slowbug and the Reventon has speedbug, the F1 can use all the powerups available to be used vs the Reventon using none, yet the Reventon will still win hands down.

For those who have no idea what slowbug is, it's the opposite effect of speebug; for those who don't know what speedbug is, it is a game bug in NFSW that can affect any player at any given time (apparently there are even some self-inflict techniques as well) that will increase the travelling distance of the vehicle by up to 20%, meaning, the speedometer and top speed in post-event lobby will still show legit speeds, but your vehicle will cover more distance at that same speed, giving you better times. When greatest speedbug occurs, one can tell that objects in the visual Spectrum are moving a lot faster that they should...almost blurry.


Want to see examples of cheaters, they don't always ride alone, look here. :( ..finally got this one banned )!-)-NEW?p=100149&viewfull=1#post100149

And he goes around claiming he was banned for no reason...see his other profile,

He even tried to spread his lies on the NFSW forums

VER entire Crew is banned from NFSW, thread locked by Eternal Wraith :  now

A new member of VER (banned crew) in a failed attempt to dirty my name and reputation :

Take a look at what cheaters have to say about me hahaha!  Bunch of losers and even some well known NFSW forumers there to support them, shame, shame

They are after me!!!

How a good informative thread can go bad and lead to another :

Leading to :

PERFECT10N ran like a coward after I found proof he was cheating (notice he never gave anyone the reason why he deleted thousands of dollars worth in Drivers, now he is back on which he leveled in less than one week and claims it was by using a bug...there is no legit way to attain level 60 in less than 5 to 6 weeks!) :

Watch this video demonstrating he is a cheater :



There are hackers, those who create cheat programs...and then there are the actual cheaters, users of those third party programs, but real obvious cheaters are the ones we need to report...Instant-finish, anyone going 262 mph or more to the exception of Bugatti owners using nitrous, and using more than 4 nitros with 50% cooldown Skill cards or 2 nitrous per minute (consider early startup) are my top three. There are too many discrepancies in this game that make playing more like Hell than like a cars are faster than they should be, or other cars aren't as fast as they should be, etc. and I've never seen MR2's go for in game cash...for those who cannot buy boost, don't try to compete against them, unless you own cars that can beat them! lol For those of you who own an MR2, expect to be accused or suspected to the least!  If you take some time to do the Earn Boost on the home page, you might earn enough to buy the MR2 (currently 2,200 SB).  Otherwise, you can at least buy an igc car that will be competitive, Solstice, BMW M3 Evolution, Mitsubishi Eclipse are some amongst the few.

If you finish within 30 seconds of someone, hacking is not so obvious, a good player who knows the track can and will beat an ultra tuned car with a street tuned one. I sometimes beat level 60 players that way myself. Suspecting is one thing, accusing another...and asking a player if they are using hacks is not always going to obtain a true reply, but you can always try. So, if you think someone is hacking, ask, or just invite them to race a few private races on the track you know best and see if they really whip you...depending on cars, you could even say, buy identical cars and tune them exactly the same and race. Then again a hacker could turn off his hacks while doing that and it would be impossible to determine.  Then there is the famous game glitch speedbug and the opposite slowbug.  One player has speedbug and you have slowbug, what do you think is going to happen?  You're going to believe he is cheating!  He might be a totally legit player, but these game issues cause false accusations.  You can find information about the speedbug/slowbug on the forums.


Sometimes, you will experience server synchronization issues.  You may start earlier than others if YOU have a better connection.  Take note, the fact that you may arrive first does not garantee you win first place...if someone else's time is better, as soon as they cross the line (which is usually not far behind, like a second or two) you will fall into second place and that person will take first place in the post-race lobby and leaderboard.  In these cases, that person is likely to be called the cheater, not you..unless nobody cares lol  Some of these issues make it all the more difficult to determine with 100% certitude that any given player is a cheater...except obvious cheat.

If you encounter a "Undefined Driver" cheat, you might not be able to complete the event, depending on how the cheater operates.  In some cases, you can do the entire event, but there will be so much lag that you will experience extreme difficulty handling.  Some will autofinish.  In any case, try to wait out the 30 seconds countdown to the end of the event for the post-event lobby.  When you get there, be as quick as you can, because you only have a few seconds to act until you get booted from the game if you stay there.  Before leaving, right-click on the hidden won't see his name on either the leaderboard of the race or in the lobby, but once you have right-clicked you can select Whisper and simply put only a dot or a letter, press enter to send it, leaving the name of the Driver visible in the chat box, and hurry to click on "Next" so you can leave.  Once you have the Driver name in the chat box, no need to worry, simply block the player, report in game and on and continue having fun.

Save yourself some time and headaches...just block them and if you see them doing one of those top three obvious cheats or similar feats, report them and never race them again.   If you are an experienced player and can tell when someone is 100% cheating or are certain it is an obvious cheat, report them in game and report them on PSTATS, but first check out their stats on their page.  For that, you need to have their exact in game name.  The best way to see the correct spelling is to activate a whisper to them...without actually writing anything...which spells there name in the chat window.  With that information/name, go to PSTATS at, select the shard, enter the name in the search field and hit enter or click Search.  When you report them on PSTATS, you have to copy and past their profile link and explain the reason why you are reporting them and if possible supply a screenshot.  The following is the current cheater report forum :!-)-NEW   If you go there you'll find many reported players and see how it's done.  If you need help with this, contact me on the Forums via PM.


Some rather important Forum threads are posted at the top of this page.  Visit them and read them!


Here's one individual who thinks he can manipulate everyone :

Believe it or not, he created a new leaderboard website called NFSRanks,

Contents of the top listed thread called Recommendations :

Hello to the new players/forumers of NFSW...and hello to everyone.
(Thanks to BrunoRockport for reviewing this, and I invite Jussi and Blackin to also comment and advise.)

Before anything if you are new or not so new and have not done so yet, go read the top three forum section rules :
<a href="NFS" id="DF01EBDB-1A95-4C17-879D-4F6758C5ADFE">">NFS World General Discussion - Forum Rules and Code of Conduct</a>

<a href="Feedback" id="913F116A-6168-4EB5-9DA8-76919ED4E98F">">Feedback & Suggestions forum section -  Welcome: PLEASE READ</a>

<a href="Bugs" id="FE467503-B74F-4A0F-9DB4-D89EFE64192D">">Bugs report forum section -  Welcome: PLEASE READ</a>
<a href="Bugs" id="8722DDF8-D5E4-427A-A70E-B4DDCFD8FA13">">Bugs report forum section - READ THIS: Useful files for reporting</a>

There are other sections that you will find at the main forums page, where you were before you got to this section, here :
<a href="eaforum/categories">eaforum/categories</a>
Make sure you read any rules and maybe all of the top sticky topics of each section.

Next, for some good tips about how to post and what to post/or not post on forums, read these two following threads.
<a href="">Vianney's [Game Guide]Gamer vs. World</a>
also included in <a href="">ARMYAVINASH's For New Forumers: How-To Use the NFSW Forums</a>

The reason I decided to post this thread is because I see a lot of people (mostly new forumers) asking many questions in the forums rather than searching and finding, as well as posting things they straight out shouldn't or reviving (necro'ing) old irrelevent threads. Read about this subject here : <a href="Stop" id="C9B8D8FF-ED9B-46A7-B62C-F3D450B28442">">Stop the necromancing!</a> before you decide to revive any old threads.  And for those of you reading any threads, new forumers and old, make sure you take a look at the original very first post and date to know if it's still valid or not before complaining and crying &quot;necro&quot;.  I thought it would be nice to present the new players with some recommendations.  So, in the original post [color=red]right here, you'll find my recommendations and I invite all other experienced players to please add whatever you think a new player might want or need to know.[/color]

I'll start by saying, there are a lot of threads/topics already in these forums, some of the most important ones I will/have post(ed) here.  That being said, I will not go on in too much detail about everything, since you'll have enough reading to do in those other threads and will more than likely learn just about everything you need to know without me adding too much redundant information.  However, I will make some very important recommendations in my honest opinion that players need to consider and know.

First and foremost, I want to invite anyone who intends to use cheats to think twice about it, not only because it is what it is, cheating and unfair, but because you have no idea how badly this affects the whole game, nor how badly this affects all other players.  It's really sad that EA/NFSW does not have more control on this, but hey, there's always the report feature and you'll also find a lot of important information and guidance on our <a href="TWinFlagAces" id="D968C174-782B-4D4E-9BF3-35222F6439FE">">TWinFlagAces website</a> (see page &quot;[color=red]need for speed, need to know[/color]&quot; )  As for reporting cheaters, which is the only way to deal with them, see the links at the bottom of this post.  Do not post any names/screenshots/videos on the forums, you can get banned and will be warned.

Here are your best investments in my opinion...if you can, play IGC (in game cash) only and ultra part your cars, but, very important, do tests first to find the best setup for you rather than waste good ultra parts on cars to find they don't perform the way you'd like them to.  In other words, once you've purchased a car, if you follow my footsteps and suggestion, take the car for a spin.  Go around the whole map if you don't mind doing so, or just spend some time driving it without parts, a good amount of time, to get the feel of the car as it is.  Then, take the store parts, one by one, starting from the engine, get only [color=orange]tuned (orange text)[/color] parts as you want to get the feel of tuned so that when you put your ultra tuned parts on they don't have a different reaction than what improved or sport parts would, and try each type and each brand.  Parts are divided into three types (improved/grey text, sport/blue text and tuned/orange text), four categories (street, race, pro and ultra) and finally four brands/colours (Yellow, Blue, Green and Red).  You can find more [color=darkred]details on parts [/color]in the following threads/websites :

Looking for a part or skill card you won but cannot find it?

There's also a <a href="list" id="60367528-37B2-4BB5-9E58-8B6B7BD8854D">">list of all cars in NFSW</a>

Do Treasure Hunt like it's a religion, every day, to win more parts...and use a dedicated car, if not a Treasure Hunter edtion at least a car that has the maximum exploration cash increase skill cards, and if it's a TH edition, still, add the max exploration cash amp skill cards!

A good word of advice, don't go crazy trying to obtain the Bugatti, it's not worth all the trouble.  Read the review my partner and I did of it in the following thread :
<a href="Bugatti" id="1FB90C0B-A8A0-42ED-BC2D-C1A6D82E2A3F">">Bugatti Veyron 16.4 fastest car in NFSW</a>

If you really want to spend at all to get at least a better S Class car than what they so barely let you get for IGC (only ways is to turn an A Class car into an S Class with ultra parts...and the only one worth it now is the Lambo Roadster 650-4), then spend 20$ to 50$ depending on where you live /for me it's 25$ for 8000 boost, 50$ for 20000 boost/ and get one of the following : Agera, Zonda Cinque, F1 if on sale, GT3 RS 4.0, Aventador, RTR-X. As for best A Class boost, GT2 (997), Nismo, Zonda F, Jaguar XKR, Konigsegg CCX. If you live in the USA, you can also purchase one of the three packs on for 20$ which gives you either an RTR-X or GT3 RS or BMW 3.0 CSL Gr. 5, with a special neon, plate and vynil and 6000 boost.  If you do spend Boost, always best to buy cars from sales, better value for the money and sometimes you get special editions.

If you are looking to win some good skill cards and are able to spare some in game cash, buy the 60,000$ card packs.  There are some nice 4 star cards there and if you don't win any, you will be stocking up on powerups, in fact team escape powerups are only available in these packs.

If you wish to voice chat with your friends, download Raidcall from <a href="www.raidcall.com"></a>
It's one of the smallest in volume of all voice-chat programs, very reliable and sound quality is awesome.

Last, but not least, don't be afraid to ask for help from fellow players or on the forums and invite people in game to join the forums.  Just make sure you do a search before you start a new topic and make sure you look at the date of the latest post/reply in threads before you post a new reply.  Reviving old threads that don't make any sense or are no longer valid sometimes can get you into trouble.  If you are not sure, before anything, private message someone who seems to know a lot or a Moderator.

Here are more helpfull thread links :
<a href="[SUPER" id="375895C0-B13F-4592-9E5C-31F85212F4AB">">[SUPER STICKY] Connections to important topics within all the forums</a>

<a href="Official" id="73524B0A-2FE3-4C10-A03F-5E1C75C7B304">">Official Cheating in NFS World Discussion Thread</a>

<a href="Cheaters" id="88ADAC3B-595D-4D62-BC3F-AB9E0AB85F4B">">Cheaters, what to do about them...untill Official Anti-Cheat</a>

<a href="Customer" id="3DE7815D-6B42-4758-9791-659BE194A0A7">">Customer Support phone 1-866-543-5435</a>

<a href="Usefull" id="90FA2375-05EB-404E-A472-F7783EEB0B5A">">Usefull info -&gt; Driver Statistics on PSTATS</a>

<a href="Private" id="68DCE70B-7217-4416-BE92-6F1C7A0D0EAE">">Private race exploitation clarification</a>

<a href="Blocked" id="3F13EBA7-E740-4CB3-A46D-034943FED50A">">Blocked list crashes my game</a>

An idea I suggested and find important to share, to help all the legit and honest players to finish all races.
<a href="POLL" id="2B9CCECB-72A2-4E50-801D-8092B4B45461">">POLL: Delay DNF - Modify/eliminate the 30 seconds timer (let us finish races)</a>
Vote and post a comment to keep any threads alive! :)

To see any other of [color=darkred]my topics[/color], click on <a href="this" id="B27D1981-43BD-4F05-A68A-CC176D4C30F8">">this link</a> or the one in my signature.

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