TWin   Flag   Aces    

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-  No hacking or cheating....hackers and cheaters will be reported.


-  Crew Symbol must be on all cars and Crew name "NFS TWin Flag Aces" or website address in signature, at all

times.  (See hood and back of cars for twin flags and doors for TFA vinyls, colour-match with your cars as long as visible in both daylight and nightlighting, ideally in bright fluorescent colours.)


-  When in private race mode on circuits and sprints between members, no powerups are to be

used to the exception of one nitro if you miss your perfect startup and others got it, and juggernaut on open class races.


-  When in Multiplayer race mode, if members of the crew are well ahead of opponents, no

powerups are to be used, unless in reasonable doubt like when the syncronization is out and

we cannot see opponents or if you are going for a best time...advise before or during race.  Watching the leaderboard and Slingshot powerup module helps to determine if an invisible opponent is ahead of you, the slingshot powerup button would be lit (this may or may not work at times).
-  New Crew Members are required to be of level 25 and/or above and/or have at least a 33% or close win rate.
-  New Crew Members must be approved by both Crew Captains after evaluation in multiple

situations.  This will require a battery of testing with each Captain individually and



-  Ramming will not be tollerated between crew members and is only allowed if someone rams you more than once (accidents can happen, hitting or getting hit does not always happen intentionally, specially when someone is experiencing lag or sync issues, but if there is a constant oncoming from an opponent and this happens in multiple races, then we will list rammers and cheaters in our Forum and/or in a photo album)


-  Members must be able to speak and understand English, as well as have a good headset with a mic so we don't all hear echo sounds or keyboard tapping from gaming, voice chat is crucial for team racing.


-  Members must have at least one S Class vehicle.


-  Failure to sign up to this site when approved as a member within a couple of days or absence from the game for extremely long periods of time without notice will result in the presumption that you have abandonned the crew and will be removed.  If you are a member of another crew, you cannot join this crew.


***** Violation of any of the rules will lead to banning from the crew and reporting on the site/game if cheating/hacking is involved. *****